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The Sun Card

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Inhale, count to 3, exhale count to 3....wait for 3...repeat

The Sun card is the light at then end of the tunnel. When we go through hard times (Tower Card) must re-find ourselves and our path (The Hermit) life improves. Light, happiness and and inner peace return. My personal image of this card is standing outside on that first warm day of spring with the sun warming your face in the most perfect, delicate way.

Well, we made it. With all of your help and support, we have begun to move forward again and are becoming the new improved selves for our exciting new journey. Shane, Joey and I are facing a lot of new adventures, challenges and a lot of unknowns. We are hoping you come with us on our quest for growth.

Let's start by discussing what is going on with Area 51, 52 and the company itself. Area 51 will be visited more often, especially this spring so more big guys, which we are now calling Herkisquatches, and of course druse.

Shane has a pretty good plan of where is going to go with the pit and will be going up there soon to remove overburden. For those of you that don't know the term it simply means the material, dirt, rock etc. above the pocket layer. Area 51 has a pocket layer that is 6 feet down so this will be a lot of work in itself.

Area 52: We have gone up to 52 in the past few weeks and unfortunately it is frozen right now. This is problematic when the material is in the mud. Tailings are still plentiful and we know exactly how we are going to move forward.

Get ready for the first section of 52 to be repurposed and gardens to be planted. I am very much looking forward to this. We will also be getting in bigger machines to move overburden and continue in the crazy seam that makes 52 so unique, few have seen the concentration of crystals in such as smaller area.

We do still plan on getting an excavator but ….I mentioned in my one of last posts that I would be writing about this and here I am. Machine Digs..... ah the super fast way to get to the most treasure at one time as possible. It's magic! Well, maybe not.

When Area 52 started we had our old partner work with an excavator. This was a blessing as 52 has a crazy thick cap rock before you can get to any seam or crystals. That being said, 80% of the 1000s a crystals we pulled out every day were chipped, or broken. Yes, there was a water factor as well but the biggest problem is that excavators, even with the most profound expert behind the "wheel" many crystals can potentially be lost.

We are finding more and more that it is more efficient to start with a machine to get a ledge exposed and then work by hand. You may get less material but the crystals that come out are in such better condition. That being said, even now Shane happily talks about getting excavators into 54, (more on this in a minute) and I just cringe at the thought. Faster? Oh yes, much, but better? Not necessarily.

Cat's out of the bag. There are two new dig sites. These will also be private but boast different material than what is found at Area 51 or 52.

Area 53: This property was named in the fall of last year. It is hard rock mining and will not be easy to dig. There is also a lot more plant life than what we see at 51 or 52. You all know how I feel about that. Trees will be avoided and once repurposed, as parts of 52 will be this year, gardens, bird friendly plants and milkweed will be planted.

53 was not an expected dig site. It just kind of came to use. I am very excited. We are expecting to find a more shallow pocket layer with skeletals and large material. Signs are also very good that there will be scepters. Like Area 52, there will most likely be an abundance of material especially golden healers. Unfortunately, 53 may have to wait a few months or a year to get the ball rolling.

54: Another property we were not expecting. 54 is straight up rock ledge, the perfect start. We are looking at finding AA and AAA grade Herkimers, scepters, black diamonds and barbells. The material has already been located in the immediate area so I can report that with good confidence.

Shane's dreams have truly come true. He is able to dig each of the Herkimer Habits at different locations. We are looking at a truly busy year.

But wait...…there is more coming!!!!

Be on the lookout for

new Aliens in stock,

our new design on shirts, coats and more is just about finished,

Shane's online class is in development

Some new technologies coming your way (very very hush hush)

New collaborations

New Jewelry

New sections to the website including our new forum, Shane's collection and box subscriptions.

And a couple HUGE things that are still on the DL.

One last thing, I KNOW! We stink. We still have not found a perfect place for public digging. I don't know if that is in the cards for us. Would I love digging with everyone ABSOLUTELY but managing that full time is a bit too much for us right now. I think that is why the Gods have not given us the opportunity to find a property that would work for it. We will however, continue to sell Herkimers at the lowest prices possible and share in our personal adventures.

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