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Paying it Forward in the Simplest Ways

A few months ago, I was getting some Mc Donald's French fries (don't judge) and decided to do something a bit different.

It was a fall day and I could barely breathe because I had pneumonia at the time. I had pneumonia for several months and didn't know it until I ended up in the hospital, as usual, I digress. Anyway, I was tired, the kind of tired a day-long nap or a salty snack washed down with poisonous sugar water could fix. I have a way-too-busy schedule for napping, so there I was.

I pulled up to the window and the VERY frazzled young man asked me to wait. I honestly welcome these little breaks the universe givesMcDonald's me. You know, that few seconds or minute where no one is calling, there are no chores, no grading no obligation. Hell yes, I will will. Tick tock tick good.

It was only two minutes, if that, and the late teens or early twenties year old came again to the window still frazzled apologizing up and down that I had to wait.

"Really dude? I am so good." I smiled and handed him a Herkie that just happened to be sitting in my cup holder.

He blushed, I AM NOT KIDDING, teared up, and gushed about how I didn't have to do that.

Eventually, I got home and talked to Shane about this and we made a decision right there. We would be carrying some small Herks with us at all times and when we think of it, no pressure, we will give them out to whomever is working with us, talking to us etc.

Well, it's been about six months and I can not tell you how many times people have let their guards down, teared up, truly smiled or even became kids again but this little gesture. Now, once and a while we would get a person who would look at it and reject the crystal for whatever reason. I guess it made them uncomfortable getting something free or assumed it was a negative thing somehow. But the majority truly responded well.

So in a world where war and violence are freckling the news, where people are confused about who they are and where to go from here, where Mayo is $8.50 a jar, why not create a smile for one person? Who knows how badly they needed it.

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Lisa Rigione
Lisa Rigione

That is great Sherry ,& Shane , Spreading kindness , you truly never know wgat someone is going through .

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