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Oops! I got distracted.

So, I have been working on a new blog for about a week now and realized, it has been almost a year since I said anything. So here is a little recap of the last 11 months.

The changing of the guard- I know you have noticed that there are different people at 52. Well, there is a good reason for that. Some of our besties have been busy with their music and lives. Some just kinda walked away ( I won't get into anything) and some have been focusing on their businesses. It is awesome seeing people we care about do great things. That being explained, let me just say we now have several new members of 52. You will be seeing the website updated shortly.

Some other major changes is Shane and I have started a Mineral Show of our own. Last September we, with a friend Tommy created a show where people can spend the day instead of just a few hours enjoying a variety of different things from minerals to music to family fun. Of course, it rained our first year but it was still a blast and this year will be even bigger.

This year we are also FINALLY starting Area 53. Cross your fingers that it is as much fun as 52. If you read my previous blogs about mining, you would know elevation plays a role in mining Herkimers. Well, 53 is slightly higher than 52. This means that there could be different or more pocket layers, deeper pocket layers or maybe, nothing at all. Mining is always a roll of a die.

The final big change is we got a Park Trailer. Honestly, it is nice to have an actual bed to sleep in after mining all day. It will be even nice when the shower is hooked up. No more weekends sleeping on hard ground covered in dirt without a bathroom on site. I am not a roughing-it type.

Anyway, that is what we have been up to. If you have any questions or want to fill us in on what you are up to, you can feel free to comment to on this blog. Another will be coming out soon on the idea of sharing crystals.

Our Crystal Hog Kevin

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