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The Metaphysical Side of Herkimer Diamonds

You know the excitement of a snow day? Well that was the kind of day it was, January 17, 2018. I was, as always doing Insanity in the living room when in the middle of a burpee my back hurt, like take your breath away hurt.

I tried my foam rollie, I tried stretching, nothing worked. Then I noticed I was sweating, but it didn't feel like a workout sweat. I couldn't breath right. The pain was behind my muscle I think. What is this?

I woke up my ex-husband and said something is wrong, I'm having chest pains. I wasn't It was my back but it just came out that way. I ran to the bathroom tried to vomit but couldn't. The pain got worse and then worse. I looked up and saw my grandmother.

Clutching the Herkimer, her Herkimer, around my neck, she said, "Come on," with a smile. "No Fucking way I said (she was my best friend and knew quite well I am sasssy) I have a little boy."

My Grandfather walked in. "Well, if you wanna live through this, you better call now, you are out of time" he said. You should know they, John and Kay, my beloved grandparents, have happily been together, passed away years ago. I yelled to my ex, "Call 911!"

"You just need to rest, take a nap," he said.

"Call 911 right fucking now!" I yelled.

He did. The 3 men tending to me kept looking at each other like they didn't believe what they saw. They said I had to go to the hospital something So I picked up Joey walked to the ambulance handed him to Mark and sat down. They closed the doors and gave me a spray of nitroglycerin under my tongue. Then I was gone. It went dark. When I woke up I was in the ER with the nurses ripping my clothes off. I, grasping at my shirt was not having it. I told them I wanted to wait for my family. "You will be dead if you do," the nurse snapped back at me.

I had a major heart attack in the ambulance. The nitroglycerin administered seconds before saved my life. So just to set up this little article for you, I am a medium and tarot reader. It saved my life, more than once. It has saved my son, more than once. In my experience, the metaphysical is 100% real and crystals absolutely play a role in it.

Okay, anyone can Google the metaphysical properties of a mineral, I get it. There are crystal bibles and websites dedicated to which stone will cure whatever need you have. That being said, I really wanted to share the properties of Herkimer Diamonds and their uses based on what I know/ experienced to be true.

Let me start by explaining the idea of vibration. The molecular vibration within solids is a fact. This movement is constant and will continue to be constant unless the solid is at it's absolute zero temperature. So you know, even black holes are above absolute zero in temperature. The molecules are packed so close together, unable to move, they vibrate. Now, here I can get into the whole mono and poly molecular differences, etc. but instead I will just say that the molecules can vibrate at different frequencies and when grounded become excited and vibrate differently.

The above is scientific fact very, very abridged. So what does this mean for the metaphysical use, well, like every other mineral, Herkimer's have moving molecules that have a frequency somewhere 10^13 and 10^14 Hz. Cleansing such as moonlight, salt baths, Earthing, ground the mineral can "charge them.. There ya have it..... Science!

Herkimers are a type of quartz. Yes, they are formed in a unique geological environment have a slightly different Moh's hardness but still they are quartz. Metaphysically this means that they help you connect to higher energy, meditate, focus and can/will magnify the effects of things around it. So put it next to rose quartz and the love/ self love, happiness properties of the rose quartz are magnified. This is also true of how they interact with us. That being said Herkies are super special.

Herkimers are programable. They are one of the only stones out there that you can change the properties with will. They also magnify gifts to the 10th degree. What does this mean? If you have the gift of seeing spirits, clairvoyance, psychometry, these babies will make it very strong. Being a tarot reader, I have had Herkimers on my reading table ever since I held one during my first years of professionally reading, I always gave one to my client after. As a medium I use Herkimers to help connect with family and friends of clients. For me, they take the static sound out of things.

But wait there is more! Herkimers, because they are programable, because they work off intention can connect to each other. This means that if you charge them, in a manner of your choosing, and meditate with them, giving them the intention to connect. They will. This is very helpful for those in long distance relationships or even with those who have passed.

For me, I can hear the person better, feel as if they are in the room with me, even if across the planet. Burying one with my grandmother and having the other placed on a pendant, helps me hear her and yes, I was wearing it when she came to take me. Funny enouIgh, I was also wearing it the week before when she said to me that she would be coming for me. At the time, I thought it was my imagination because I was nervous driving in the snow.

Even at the worst case scenario, if you do not feel the person, you still have something tangible to hold onto and that can mean the world to someone mourning a loss or missing a buddy.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! How is it Herkimers have such a different property than regular quartz you ask. Well, I did some digging : ) According to the Maine Minerals, Herkimers began their formation in the ocean. Thus, all ancient (500 million year old or Cambrian) sea life such as edrioasteroids, eocrinoids and helicoplacoids as well as their "life energy" is incorporated into them. This is true in the fact the ancient organism would act as a seed for the crystal to grow as well as create the pocket itself with the gas released during the organisms decay.

This along with not one but two major geological events, one being the creation of the Adirondacks, Herkimers, and the pockets they live in, have become accessible to us.

Another characteristic of Herkimers is that the pockets in which they grow are made of dolostone. Although other minerals have found their way into these pockets such as calcite, Herkimers, due to their molecular structure can not stick to the dolostone making it possible for them to become double terminated. This of course is just a spec of all of the amazing events and characteristics that create the crystals we love and make them super powerful in their metaphysical uses.

I am fully aware that there are many who do not believe in this. There are many who have their own views and I celebrate your perception. Thank you so much for reading and hearing mine.

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Matthew Hemeon
Matthew Hemeon
19. Juni 2022

Thank you again , I love your blog . I sit here with my Jaw dropped . I almost cry as I say to you. I do believe .

Gefällt mir
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