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Area 51 Miner's Tower Card

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

It's funny how things happen, is all I have to say. In tarot, we call the Tower card a time of chaos when everything in your life is disrupted. This could be for a very good reason such as a new baby, marriage, buying a home and... it can be from a toxic place too.

Area 51 Miners has just gone through yet another metamorphosis and I am now very certain that this new life of crystals and digging will be subjected to change as often as the seasons. Have you noticed the name?

I am fairly certain you have. Well, I am here to give the explanation of why this happened, what changes you will see coming and the direction we hope to be going in. Firstly, Barry and Barb are no longer in the company and will no longer dig at Area 52. As partners this means we needed to start fresh, new name, new us.

Area 51 Miners Family does fit who we are. Shane has always kept Area 51 about friends and family. He is about giving and that can not and will not ever change. It will now just be the three of us as a consistent entity. Now, we will have our friends up to dig with us and will continue to sell our Earth Bling but we will be pulling back a bit further from the public eye.

Why? Well, I will just say it like this. If you take a cattle prod to a caged tiger, it will cower until, IT DOESN"T. I am sure many of you understand what I mean by this. I will forever protect my husband and son even if it means standing in front of them and pushing back. We are finding that this world of crystals and treasure hunting is a bit more filled with greed than we anticipated.

That is all I will say about that. We have full intentions of keeping Area 51, Area 52, selling crystals and doing it in a legal and spiritually sound way. We will never sell fake Herks.

We will never be strip mining and we intend to repurpose the ground. This is who we are. I, as a wiccan (lack of better wording) am very connected to nature. I could never live with myself if the area was torn up and destroyed. This is why no public digs. We want to live there. We want to settle there. It just wouldn't work.

Shane, Joey and I will be doing shows quite a bit in the near future. We will continue to have our Rock and Mineral club up and will do our best to share our adventures with you. We will still have give aways and sell Herkimers online. Be on the lookout because a new shirt design will be coming some time in the future. We are also working on a Youtube channel, starting with shorts for now and hopefully one day will do some charitable work through the company.

I have said this before, I am difficult. I have serious social anxiety and well, I am a Scorpio so if you come at me, I tend to sting...hard. Most the time however, like this time, the sting brings about changes, unfolds the real issues underneath. Sometimes, the issues are scary bad.

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3 comentários

Matthew Hemeon
Matthew Hemeon
19 de out. de 2022

Thank you for what you are and do. Thank you for realizing how important you are .

Thank you for the blog . It is always very heartfelt for me .


04 de out. de 2022

Change takes strength, be proud and be happy. All experiences good and bad teach us lessons and molds us to who we become. They are valuable lessons even though painful. We learn what is right and what is wrong.


02 de out. de 2022

So sorry you went through this experience.

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