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Area 51 Miners' The Hermit Card

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As the leaves lose their chlorophyll and show us the vibrant colors of fall, only to fall and nurture the growth of other organisms, Area 51 Miners is also looking to use the experiences of the past to nurture our future. The question is, how?

Yes, The Hermit, he is what he sounds like. Time to get away from everything and dig deep to find your way. I love The Hermit. This might be because I am terrified of meeting people or being around them. Honesty, I think I ask Shane every time we do ANYTHING, if I was okay. Sad, I know. We all have something to work on. But as usual, I am digressing.

Last week I had the unfortunate yet gift of watching a friend pass. He was very sick. We knew it was coming. I was going to go see him later in the afternoon but something said it was now or never in my heart so I sped off to the hospital. He died shortly after. I have never seen transition before and it is honestly something that is taking me time to deal with. So The Hermit Card is very meaningful to me right now.

But as far as our beloved mining family go, we are also in a transition. We have moved past that Tower card and difficult change. Now we are trying to take those lessons and find our voice, our path. Shane, Joey and I are discussing where we will dig next, how we will dig and more importantly where we are headed as a company and family.

A lot of people are annoyed we are private. I get it, Area 52 has super unique material and an abundance of it as well. I think what makes this so difficult is that there are so many pay to mine places so it is expected we are too. But that's not it. We are a family who love digging so much, we bought a place to retire on and dig with our friends and family for the rest of our lives. We sell some of the crystals and share in our adventures. That's who we have always been.

As I said prior, this is necessary. We do not want to disturb too much area at a time and then there's the time commitment. We both work and Joey has sports and activities. Life just does not allow for us to do it nor would I be able to stomach that much damage to the yard we will retire on.

Everything we are doing, every pebble moved will be purposeful. It may make a road, become a pond, be a place where fruit trees will be planted and so on. It is our complete intention to make the acreage we work on better, more beautiful. After all, it's the least we can do for all of the gifts the land has given us.

That being said, Area 52 will have a different way of mining. After talking to some new friends, we realized somethings about the land. I think we solved the puzzle of this property and where/how to dig the best minerals out without destroying it.

As far as everything else, Shane and I will begin developing Area 53, yes, Area 53. This one is wooded and more than likely strictly hard rock mining. It's gonna be a rough one but those of you know mining know the harder the rock, the prettier the material.

We will also repurposing parts of 52. We will be going up the 51 more often and hopefully throughout the winter. I have some ideas on getting crystals out and allowing them to acclimate to the temperatures out of the ground. We hope to share these adventures with you. There may even be a 54 and 55 in the near future. Who knows? It may even be another mineral.

I am deeply considering going back to school for classes in geology and or minerology to sharpen my understanding of minerals. We are also trying to become more active with our rock and mineral clubs. I may even be starting one in my school district to help our next generation find the excitement and beauty in minerals/mining.

There will be two new shirt designs staring our alien mascot Herk. We hope you can dig our sense of humor. We will also begin creating a new line of gifts that feature Herkimers. Finally, you will begin seeing us at more shows. We are already booking for next year. Hopefully, we can meet more of our fellow Herkimer enthusiasts out there.

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