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Coming Together in the Name of Awesome Minerals!

Okay, Okay, I know. I am supposed to be writing the history or the Herkimer Area and although I have all ten parts outlined at this point...I got distracted.

Have you ever been to a Rock and Mineral Show? I am thinking if you are here reading this, you probably have. If not, you HAVE to check one out.

I have been lucky enough to not only go to shows but vend them as well. The last one I went to in Gilsum New Hampshire, really inspired me to throw a few thoughts up here. So here we go.

You can find Rocks and Mineral and so many different shows across the world. The first time I encountered minerals was at a Holistic Healing show, which is fitting considering my start in the mineral world was through reading tarot. It was there that I got my first real taste of the material beyond the tumbled stones we use in healing. I was hooked immediately finding myself at local mineralogy society shows and eventually The East Coast Gem show.

My first REAL Rock and Mineral show was the North Jersey Minerologic Society. At the time, it was in Clifton. I had gone with my parents and a couple friends and basically spent my entire paycheck. If you are into minerals, this more than likely happened to you as well. This particular time in my life I was obsessed with Brazilian material. I mean who doesn't like some sparkle right? I bought several cactus quartz, some cathedrals, selenite wands, jewelry and FOSSILS. If you know anything about me you know I LOVE fossils. Well, this is the first place I bought one, although I had collected ferns in my childhood.

Eventually, I would find myself getting lost at the Edison show, the NYC show and Monroe, NY show. Sometimes, I would go to help out the business I was reading at but mostly, I was going to meet people who loved what I did and see pretty and unusual material. If you recall, I even met my husband, Shane at one of these shows.

Now we vend with Area 51 Miners. It is surreal that people come up to us, knowing who we are and what we do. I have had several encounters at shows of people saying that they knew who I was or loved the material we find. Equally as amazing, Shane seems to know everyone. The Gilsum show, for me was a whirlwind of new faces and names that Shane spoke of with that little smile and starry look people get when they remember great times. I honestly love sitting back and watching him just share that passion he (we) has for mining with others. It's like this kinderedship that has been in the making for 500 million years, astounding.

I guess what I am trying to say is if you love minerals, go to a show. You will meet great people and learn so very much and if you have been to a show that was above all the others, tell us all about it or a great experience at one share it with us.

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