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The Dark Side of Mining

This is a very difficult topic to write about and honestly, I even considered not writing it a number of times. That being said, someone needs to bring up the dark side of mining.

If you have been following my blog, the website, our social media or know anyone on the team, you should have a full understanding of how much we all love digging minerals and sharing them with others. This has always been the case for the 5 of us. I have also noted that some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life, have been through mining. However, digging can bring out the worst in people and I unfortunately watched this go down, more than once.

My own experience was part the separation of the original crew of Area 51. Somehow the desire for crystals became more like a competition, a greed. I watched family separate and hearts break as these beautiful gem stones became the catalyst for rumors, distrust and angst. Apparently, this is very common in our field. Many crews or partners separate in a very toxic way.

You see, at first, people are thrilled just to find the minerals. The excitement of opening a pocket is like Christmas morning and that shiny bike sitting under the tree.

But what happens when you do not find something and other's do? Many times people smile but with a quiet jealousy. I mean, we all want to find a masterpiece from Mother Nature.

When push comes to shove, everything is about the almighty dollar. Mines compete, people compete and it seems that everyone has what you do but better or can do it better. What happens when partners or families disagree on strategies? What happens when everyone wants the best piece in the pocket?

The answer is not quite that simple and this is only my opinion. I really feel like we should all live in that moment of unearthing the miracles were are searching for. When my husband moved in he brought 3 full truck loads of minerals with him. They were all boxed up and stacked neatly. But I really had no place to display THAT many minerals and what is the good of having boxes of minerals that no one can enjoy? Then again, what is the point of having that black druse plate sitting in your cabinet if it means a friendship or family member is lost? When push comes to shove what is really the most valuable part of our adventures?

People will still part ways and crews will move on but that is how life is. People come in and out of our lives without rhyme or reason. Sometimes they weave back and sometimes they don't. But it's the memories that we share of tears rolling down your face with laughter and crystals that are so bright I swear you can see them from space that really and truly matter.

I know you are probably rolling your eyes thinking about how I, like everyone want that epic piece and I do. My hands bleed just like every other miner's hoping for that big score. But the truth is, I waited a year before I asked for a crystal from Area 51. I gave my minerals to the newbies. I sold them for the company and kept nothing. I handed them back to Shane to put in the collective bins. Why? Because I honestly felt like I had the best thing out of that mine. I had him and the people who are part of the Area 51 Family.

So with all of that said as I step down from my soap box , I wish all of the miners luck in finding that one in a million piece. I wish all the collectors a better deal than they thought possible and most of all, I wish all of you in the mineral world, whether miner, owner or collector health wealth and happiness. There is enough to go around.

Happy May the 4th

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